Fall Is Here and So Are Books, Here Are 9 Must-Reads

“FALL BOOKS ARE HERE” screams a banner hanging from your local bookstore. “READ THESE HUGE 700 PAGE NOVELS” implores a website. The fun thing about reading is that you can do it at any time of the year; fall is just the time when big authors with big names release their Great Works for everyone’s consideration. This… »9/11/15 12:30pm9/11/15 12:30pm


5 Comics You Should Read (But Most Likely Haven't Heard Of)

So, gals and pals, a lot of you read comics, and some very good comics I might add. In fact, many of the comics I see people discussing are some of my favorite comics ever. So, what happens when you've read all the comics that you want to read/heard of/Amazon has recommend? Does that mean that you are out of comics… »6/12/13 8:31pm6/12/13 8:31pm