The Walking Dead: A Requiem for [Latest Dead Character]

The Walking Dead has rarely had mercy on its most lovable characters. Never would a great storyline be sacrificed for the sake of sympathy. It’s an admirable yet gut-wrenching aspect of the show. And so it goes that in Sunday night’s episode, “Thank You,” my third-favorite person was (presumably) killed off in the… »10/26/15 10:10am10/26/15 10:10am

Surviving The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere: Was It a Good Plan?

The Walking Dead has returned and there’s a major operation underway to extinguish a mega-herd of walkers that threatens the quaint community of Alexandria. As expected, things don’t go as smoothly as planned because plans—especially during a zombie apocalypse—almost always get derailed. »10/12/15 11:10am10/12/15 11:10am

Game of Boners: Oh Snow, They Didn't

We’ve reached the end of Season Five of Game of Thrones, and what a slow and meandering journey it’s been! Looking back on the past ten episodes, doesn’t it feel like we watched too much talking and not enough stabbing? (Oh, god. It’s like Frasier all over again.) Doesn’t it also feel like the showrunners owed us a… »6/15/15 9:00am6/15/15 9:00am

Game of Boners: Lost Minds, Lost Virginities

Oh, hey there, daughters of the Harpy! Did you think Game of Boners forgot about you? That we were gonna leave you high and dry? No way! I—QUEEN HARPY—just needed Memorial Day off to lie in the sun and sip on some of Cersei’s special sangria. A tip from the queen herself: replace the fruit chunks with more wine. And… »5/26/15 4:15pm5/26/15 4:15pm

Game of Boners: Enter Stoneman

Belieb it or not, we take our television recapping pretty seriously at The Muse via Jezebel dot com. Our goal, typically, is not to simply regurgitate the plot of a television episode that you’ve already watched, but to talk about theme, how things fit together, and ideally provide some insights that you maybe haven’t… »5/11/15 3:00pm5/11/15 3:00pm