Everything Everyone Did Wrong On the Penultimate Episode of Looking

Good morning, fellow mourners. It is my sad duty to remind you that there's only one episode of Looking left, and with only 27 minutes to go before the show ends (if there's no season 3), it doesn't seem like there's going to enough time to give every awful person on this show their just desserts. Whatever shall we do? » 3/16/15 2:40pm 3/16/15 2:40pm

Everything Everyone Did Wrong on This Week's Looking

Last week: Richie made an appearance, Patrick was a dumbass and Agustin, as always, was a huge fucking asshole of the worst order. This week: Pretty much more of the same, except more enemas and less Richie. But more Eddie and rimming, so... win? (Also: is every HBO show now contractually bound to feature heterosexual… » 1/26/15 1:25pm 1/26/15 1:25pm

Outlander Recap: Misty Water-Colored Memories of Penicillin

Hello, and welcome back to the Thank God I Live in the Twenty-First Century Appreciation Hour. Or, as Starz insists on calling it, Outlander. Here be your recap, lassies. (Sorry, I promise I won't do that again.) » 8/18/14 5:45pm 8/18/14 5:45pm

Game of Boners: Knight Court

I know what you're thinking: "How can we sit around talking about Game of Thrones right now when America's own royal family is in such a state King's Landian disrepair? It's like "Watch the Iron Throne" over here!" » 5/12/14 6:00pm 5/12/14 6:00pm

American Horror Story: Get Witch or Die Trying

It's the penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Coven and there's still so much at stake! Like who will be the next Supreme and...who will be the next Supreme. Do we care? I sure don't, but let's talk about it anyway! » 1/23/14 6:45pm 1/23/14 6:45pm

American Horror Story Baddest Witch: All of These Moms Are Terrible

Last night's American Horror Story: Coven was a bit of a jumble, huh? One might even argue that it was the worst of the season and others might disagree, but there is one indisputable fact: This show has major mommy issues. » 12/05/13 6:50pm 12/05/13 6:50pm

American Horror Story Baddest Witch: 'The Axeman Cometh'

Finally! American Horror Story: Coven has its very own serial killer! Season one had the nurse murderer and [spoiler], season 2 had Bloody Face and Swearengen Claus and season 3 has (drumrolllllllll) THE AXEMAN — and yes, if you are singing "I'm an axe man" to the tune of "I'm a Scatman," you are doing everything… » 11/14/13 8:30pm 11/14/13 8:30pm

Booty Shorts Are the Best Way for Best Bros to Not Seem Gay

Sofia Vergara hosted SNL, which returned from a 2-week hiatus last night just in time to feature a Hunger Games skit that was a little heavy on the enthusiasm and a little light on the Bill Hader. One Direction performed to a lot of screaming, which might not have been so jarring in studio but definitely isn't a… » 4/08/12 1:00pm 4/08/12 1:00pm

Beyoncé's 'I'm Pregnant' Dance, And Six Other VMA Moments Worth Watching

For an awards show without a host this year, the MTV Video Music Awards sure left us with a lot to talk about the next day: Lady Gaga spoke only as her alter (male) ego for the night (and almost kissed Britney Spears), Jonah Hill speaks about his dramatic weight loss, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z are having a baby. Catch… » 8/29/11 1:40pm 8/29/11 1:40pm

16 & Pregnant: When A Grandma Is A Dope Fiend

The situation surrounding the teenage pregnant couple on last night's 90-minute season finale was probably the best argument for abortion or adoption that this series has featured, as they had no income, no home, and were forced to live with an opiate addict. Still, the teens chose to raise their child. Allie, a… » 6/22/11 11:30am 6/22/11 11:30am

Mad Men: "Just Don't Get Pregnant."

Why? Because then you'll have to watch guys in blackface, be touched by random strangers, and, apparently, sing, dance and play the accordion in public! » 8/31/09 1:20pm 8/31/09 1:20pm