Salon Offers A Last, Well-Put Word On A Week Of Women Writers

"We are mired in a repetitious pattern of hate, jealousy and resentment toward those who are plucked by media powers and come to stand — however inefficiently — for the rest of us in the cultural imagination, securing the top spots, the best exposure, the prime media real estate in exchange for opening veins of… »5/29/08 1:30pm5/29/08 1:30pm

Did It Really Take "Iron My Shirt" To Teach Women That Severe Sexism Exists?

"Iron my shirt"; Citizens United Not Timid; steel-thighed nutcrackers... according to two feature articles this week, all that misogyny may be creating a new "wave" of the women's movement. Not only does Salon's Rebecca Traister suggest that the current election cycle may very well "give birth to a new generation of… »4/15/08 1:30pm4/15/08 1:30pm