What, Exactly, Did The Presidential Election Change For Women?

"It was narrated to us faster than we could absorb it," writes Rebecca Traister of the 2008 election. "In the ceaseless cycle of revelation and analysis we lost depth, clarity, and perspective." Not anymore, regarding what it meant for women. » 9/13/10 3:28pm 9/13/10 3:28pm

As previously mentioned » 10/06/08 11:20am 10/06/08 11:20am, the marvelous and I were invited to talk for Bloggingheads.tv last week. While you can to watch the entire 69 minutes, you can click the picture at left to watch a couple of excerpts of us talking about Sarah Palin and accessible femininity and us liberally stealing Rachel Maddow's steez by…

Salon Offers A Last, Well-Put Word On A Week Of Women Writers

"We are mired in a repetitious pattern of hate, jealousy and resentment toward those who are plucked by media powers and come to stand — however inefficiently — for the rest of us in the cultural imagination, securing the top spots, the best exposure, the prime media real estate in exchange for opening veins of feminine … » 5/29/08 1:30pm 5/29/08 1:30pm

Did It Really Take "Iron My Shirt" To Teach Women That Severe Sexism…

"Iron my shirt"; Citizens United Not Timid; steel-thighed nutcrackers... according to two feature articles this week, all that misogyny may be creating a new "wave" of the women's movement. Not only does Salon's Rebecca Traister suggest that the current election cycle may very well "give birth to a new generation of young… » 4/15/08 1:30pm 4/15/08 1:30pm

Some Men Who Hate Hillary Are Sexist. We Get It. Now Let's Move On.

If I have to read another article about how some men hate Hillary Clinton for vaguely misogynistic reasons I'm going to give myself a series of tiny paper cuts with the latest copy of Ms. and rub salt in them. But lo! Rebecca Traister goes on for over 4,000 words in Salon today, parsing some young, liberal, and mostly… » 4/14/08 3:40pm 4/14/08 3:40pm

"It's undoubtedly boring and hackneyed and feminaz-y to suggest that a woman in the public eye cannot win. But it's also difficult to conclude anything different as we watch the way that Clinton is alternately sexualized and then transformed into an ugly succubus of shriveled power as this race unfolds. No wonder she's … » 12/19/07 2:20pm 12/19/07 2:20pm