Ughhh, Will Kate Winslet's Baby Have the Last Name Rocknroll?

GUYS, Titanic was on the Hallmark Channel a while ago, and now I am thinking that perhaps this was the magic eve* that Kate Winslet became pregnant with her first child from her third marriage to Ned Rocknroll, the gadabout nephew of Richard Branson. Her two older children, 12 and 9 respectively, are from her… » 6/05/13 9:00am 6/05/13 9:00am

Beyonce Doesn't Like Labels But 'I'm a Modern-Day Feminist, I Guess'

While she's been a lightning rod for claims of both feminism and anti-feminism (particularly since announcing her Mrs. Carter World Tour), Beyoncé has tended in the past to steer clear of the F-word that's put so many female celebrities in the hot seat. Until now, at least. Bey tells Vogue UK in a cover interview for… » 4/03/13 9:00am 4/03/13 9:00am

Haute High Notes At The Opera

It's so rad that opera openings are becoming a cause celebre again: take last night's star-studded Met premiere of Rossini's "Le Comte Ory" — sponsored By Yves Saint Laurent, no less.
» 3/25/11 10:26am 3/25/11 10:26am

Love love love Rebecca Hall's haute-Stevie elegance, which prior to writing those words I didn't realize was a thing. Raquel…

Scarlett Johansson Devastated By Ryan & Sandra's Relationship

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Now Doing Promos for Cheating Site

Who Should Play Daisy In The New Gatsby Movie?

Baz Luhrmann — know for his vivid, colorful, theatrical films like Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge — is tackling F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby next, and the female lead, Daisy Buchanan, has not been cast. » 11/02/10 4:40pm 11/02/10 4:40pm

The Underwritten, Virgin/Whore Women In Ben Affleck's The Town

Ben Affleck directed and starred in The Town, the number-one movie in the country this weekend. The guys in the fast-paced, bank-heist thriller were complex, well- written characters. The women? According to one reader who emailed us: Not so much. » 9/21/10 5:20pm 9/21/10 5:20pm

Jon Hamm Is Predictably, Delightfully Hot & Handsome In W

The man known as Don Draper — and actress Rebecca Hall — are promoting the Ben Affleck-directed film, The Town, and if it's anything like the moody, gorgeous photographs by Nathaniel Goldberg, we're already in line for tickets. (Images below!) » 7/13/10 12:31pm 7/13/10 12:31pm

Naomi Disinvites Model Rival; Marc Still Lovably Neurotic

The Chick-Flick Antidote: Please Give

Please Give is, sadly, a rarity: A movie with a mostly-female cast that focuses on realistic characters, not Louboutin-wearing "cougars" or some Successful Career Gals Who Can't Win At Love. The characters aren't always likable, but critics loved the film. » 4/30/10 3:00pm 4/30/10 3:00pm

Miley Trashes Disney Image; Buffy Actor's Drunken Arrest

Please Give Trailer: Guilt, Aging, And Real Estate

There is finally a trailer for Please Give, Nicole Holofcener's Sundance-lauded showcase of some very fine actresses (including Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet) playing some very imperfect characters. » 3/15/10 2:20pm 3/15/10 2:20pm

There's More To Vicky Cristina Barcelona Than Just A Threesome

Woody Allen's latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona » 8/15/08 2:30pm 8/15/08 2:30pm, might not be the return to the earlier, more beloved Allen comedies that critics continue to drool over, but it sounds like it's still worth the price of admission. The film follows two American friends, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) as…