Nicole Westbrook's Epic Thanksgiving Song Puts Rebecca Black to Shame

Good news for those of you put off by the complexity of Rebecca Black's "Friday" — ARK Music Factory's Patrice Wilson (who wrote and produced the 2011 internet hate-fueled hit) has introduced us to the musical stylings of yet another dewy-faced young thing who was unfortunate enough to have been gifted a music video… »11/09/12 1:10pm11/09/12 1:10pm

Rebecca Black Is Back with a Whole New Black Attack

Rebecca Black has a new video, which is...a thing, I guess. It's nice that she's willing to bounce back after the beating she took with "Friday" and this new song is, well, it's fine. The video is bright and sunny and Miss Black looks like she stepped right out of a summer Delia's catalog, but sadly for her, she has… »5/08/12 6:30pm5/08/12 6:30pm

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Used To Annoy Shoppers Into Spending Money At Kohl's

Just when you thought you'd finally exorcised Rebecca Black's musical aneurysm "Friday" from your ears, the most obnoxious store in the mall has decided to employ the most annoying song in history in trying to convince you to go shopping on the most stressful day of the year. Get it? Rebecca Black Friday. I'll take… »11/21/11 1:25pm11/21/11 1:25pm

Here's That Rebecca Black Documentary You Didn't Ask For

Rebecca Black has been a part of the pop culture vernacular for less than a year, yet she — and those involved in the creation of her so-bad-it's-a-sensation video for "Friday" — are already the subject of a short documentary by This American Life's Jon Ronson. In it, we meet Benni, known on the internet as "Awkward… »11/03/11 3:40pm11/03/11 3:40pm

Alabama Sorority Recruitment Video Is The Rebecca Black Of Sorority Recruitment Videos

Oh, goodness. The Panhellenic executive council at the University of Alabama have put together this fun little video in hopes of convincing incoming freshmen to "Go Greek." Obviously, this video is the Rebecca Black of Panhellenic recruitment videos — but what happens when halfway through the video, the girls shout… »8/15/11 7:45pm8/15/11 7:45pm