Swimmer Rebecca Adlington Is Quitting Twitter Until Olympics Are Over Because People Are Jerks

Rebecca Adlington, a two-time gold medalist swimmer (which means, in Nat Geo terms, that she falls somewhere on the scale of aquatic agility between a seahorse and a triggerfish), has decided to quit Twitter for the duration of the summer Olympics because some people hate themselves so much that they use the mask of… »6/01/12 10:00am6/01/12 10:00am


British Swimmer Rebecca Adlington Has World Record, Good Friends

Rebecca Adlington is apparently Britain's Michael Phelps, and in this clip you can see why: throughout the 800-meter freestyle, which aired on Saturday, she stays at least a body length ahead of the green line representing Janet Evans' 19-year-old world record. When Adlington breaks the record for her second gold in… »8/18/08 10:20am8/18/08 10:20am