Bend It Like Beckham Will Soon Become a Musical

Let no media property escape being wrung dry for every single dollar! There's a Bend It Like Beckham musical opening in London next May. » 10/31/14 8:00pm 10/31/14 8:00pm

Cool Giovanni Ribisi And Cool Agyness Deyn Elope Coolly

Giovanni Ribisi, Giovanni Ribisi's moustache and model Agyness Deyn have apparently been dating on the sly for months and quietly married in Los Angeles this weekend. As recently as March, Deyn told press "I'm all alone. There has been no man in my life for several months now and although it would be nice to have a… » 6/22/12 9:00am 6/22/12 9:00am

Rebecca Haunts English Manor House

The head designer at the Ballet Rambert has created a gown from the pages of Daphne du Maurier's classic Rebecca. It is on rather eerie display at Port Eliot, the oldest continuously inhabited house in England. » 3/07/11 5:45pm 3/07/11 5:45pm

Mama Grizzlies Vs. Who?: The Next Generation Of Women In Politics

If you look at the politics section of the Washington Post's website today, you'll see some familiar names: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann. An article about Hillary Clinton can be found in the Arts & Living section. It's about her hair. » 8/29/10 1:15pm 8/29/10 1:15pm

Swiss Won't Extradite Polanski; GLAAD Wants Mayer To Apologize For Slur

Erica Jong's Sister: "Fear of Flying Has Been A Thorn In My Flesh For…

Last week, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the publication of Fear of Flying and the acquisition of Erica Jong's papers by Columbia University, the author herself gave a talk about Flying's role in the feminist pantheon. Rebecca Traister of Salon thinks of Flying more as a sex book than as a feminist book (Jong on… » 4/07/08 3:00pm 4/07/08 3:00pm