Watch the Wild, Perfect New Trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season Four

Here’s what you’ll learn from this trailer for season four of Vanderpump Rules. Jax is finally ready for true love. Kristen continues to be evil incarnate. Tom Schwartz says, “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........OK” to marrying Katie. Tom Sandoval is in a cool band and Jax needs him to “chill the fuck out” about it. Stassi is back. »9/16/15 10:40am9/16/15 10:40am

Surprise Surprise! Ben Higgins Is Your New Bachelor

Ben Higgins, the man Kaitlyn Bristowe was never going to choose to be her husband on the last season of The Bachelorette, will soon be returning to the small-screen to find love once again. But unlike Bachelor wannabe Nick Viall, who slunk his way onto a second season of the show, Ben H. will proudly be returning to… »8/25/15 12:35pm8/25/15 12:35pm

The Duggars Need Your Love, Support, and All Your Dolla Dolla Bills

Are the Duggars broke? That seems to be the question on a lot of people’s lips now that the family’s been cut off from their main source of income (their $40,000 an episode salary) and are putting their hands out more and more often, asking for their fans and supporters to buy their t-shirts and “send cards,” *wink… »8/05/15 12:00pm8/05/15 12:00pm

Teen Mom 2 Is Back: Why Are We Still Watching This Shit?

The sixth season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is upon us, disrupting our Thursday nights with the usual turmoil: custody battles, problematic exes, run-ins with the law, souring relationships, and so forth. At this point, the four young stars of the series, who we first met in 2010 on the network’s flagship show 16 & Pregnant, »7/16/15 1:13pm7/16/15 1:13pm

I Wanna Marry Harry Winner Reveals How Crazy the Show Made Her Feel

Remember I Wanna Marry Harry? Yes, last summer was a long time ago, so let’s refresh: it was a quickly cancelled reality television show on FOX in which American woman were flown to England and then told they were competing to date Prince Harry. How exactly were they fooled? The answer will not shock you, but it will… »6/05/15 5:40pm6/05/15 5:40pm