Bourdain: Food And Sex Mix, But Depends On 'Who's Fucking'

On Real Time, Bill Maher asked Anthony Bourdian to choose between a great meal and mediocre sex. His response? "Depends on who's cooking, and who's fucking." He continued, "It disturbs me when people talk about how chocolate is really orgasmic — or how they like to take food to bed. You know, I believe in separating… » 8/08/11 4:40pm 8/08/11 4:40pm

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wages War On Bill Maher

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is such a humorless turd. Today on The View, she responded to a joke Bill Maher made about her on Real Time with Bill Maher—in which he said he wanted to give Hasselbeck to Mubarak in exchange for detained journalist Lara Logan—with a prepared statement, saying he was "unfair," "a chauvinistic… » 2/07/11 1:12pm 2/07/11 1:12pm

Six Out Of Seven Black Women Don't Like Republicans

Another Monday, another clip from Real Time With Bill Maher. On Friday night's episode, Bill invited conservative commentator and CNN contributor Amy Holmes onto his show, where she aired footage of an interview with a group of African-American women regarding race, gender, politics and Republicans. Although Holmes'… » 1/28/08 1:00pm 1/28/08 1:00pm