Joe Gorga Is The 6th New Jersey Housewife

You know, Chris Laurita, Jacqueline's husband, also has a wife and a sister (at one point, two sisters) on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but he doesn't sit down and do interviews, and he seems to stay out of everybody's bullshit unless he's actually trying to mediate a fight between his stepdaughter and his… » 6/20/11 4:55pm 6/20/11 4:55pm

Jersey Housewife Exposed To Poisonous Semen

Was anyone else totally uncomfortable with Joe Gorga's expressions of his sexuality on last night's episode? It's unclear if the no-sex-for-four-days subplot was the real deal or simply a machination on the part of the couple to make them appear endearing, but either way, it came off as crass and inappropriate » 5/31/11 4:13pm 5/31/11 4:13pm