I Will Never Forgive Myself For Not Buying The Giudices' $100 Beach House 

Wow, okay, so I’m really trying to hold it together right now, but I just heard that no one bid on Teresa and Joe Giudice’s amazing Jersey Shore beach house at yesterday’s auction, meaning someone (me) could have literally purchased it for the starting bid of $100. DON’T TOUCH ME, I am NOT okay. »8/19/15 4:25pm8/19/15 4:25pm

No One Will Buy This Cute Little House in Cute 'Penis Vagina' Village

Sweden’s current housing shortage is nothing to penis vagina about; the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies estimates that 435,000 new homes will be needed by 2020 to keep up with the country’s urbanizing population. So why won’t anyone buy this cute little two-bedroom? It’s 2198 square meters, only… »7/07/15 1:20pm7/07/15 1:20pm

Katy Perry Wants to Buy a Hollywood Convent and the Nuns Are NOT Happy

Katy Perry, some nuns, an archbishop, and a restaurateur are currently fighting over a piece of real estate. It’s all about who has the “legal right” to sell an old convent, located in Los Feliz, “which covers several acres and offers million-dollar views of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains.” How… »6/29/15 12:30pm6/29/15 12:30pm

How Racism Is Driving New York City's Gentrification

With the snow finally thawed and spring officially in full gear, New York is back in the swing of things and residents are remembering why they endure five months of tundra bullshit and exorbitant rent to live in (maybe) the greatest city in the world. Now that spirits are high again, it seems like a good time to look… »5/12/15 4:10pm5/12/15 4:10pm

You Have to See the House Dolly Parton Just Put On the Market

Dolly Parton is putting her California house on the market and it's a steal at 1.39 million. So if you've got that kind of cash laying around, you may want to head over to your nearest real estate agent and place a bid on this house, because this "whimiscally eclectic" (that sounds like a description of a Cirque show… »5/17/14 2:37pm5/17/14 2:37pm

One Crazy Trick For Selling A House: Don't List It as 'Slightly Haunted'

If you ever decide to put your house on the market, you might consider not disclosing the banshee who lives in the attic or the thing that lives in a bag in the basement. Or even any run-of-the-mill screams that happen precisely at 3 am. I don't know; I am not a real estate agent, but that sounds about right. »1/18/14 1:45pm1/18/14 1:45pm