How Much Would You Pay to Have Sex With a Robot?

Real Dolls are nothing new. Regardless of personal opinion, no one’s shocked by the realization that lifelike dolls which cost thousands exist for the sole purpose of being made love to until one of their artificial limbs break. But what if there were more than Real Dolls? What if someone invented a robot to fulfill… »4/16/15 10:25pm4/16/15 10:25pm


Couple Spends Over $30,000 to Have Hardcore Threesomes With Sex Dolls

Before Dave Hockey met Shawna Bigelow, he thought the only love he could find was in the cold, perfect embrace of a lifelike sex doll. He had tried dating websites and found that women just weren't into his passion. But Bigelow was different. When Hockey took her down to his basement to show her the dolls, she was… »9/30/14 10:30pm9/30/14 10:30pm

If You Always Like The Emotionally Unavailable, It's Because You Probably Are, Too

There have been a lot of stories lately (and even a movie) about people in love with inanimate objects. Today, Sega Toys annoyingly announced that it was jumping on this sad trend by creating a doll-sized robot girlfriend, called Eternal Maiden Actualization, for lonely men. While some people who fall in love with… »6/18/08 5:00pm6/18/08 5:00pm

Lifelike Baby Dolls: The New Trend For Childless British Women

Remember that British documentary about men's relationships with their Real Dolls, the very expensive, ultra-lifelike designer sex toys? Well, there's a new British documentary about women's relationships with pricey realistic dolls — baby dolls. My Fake Baby takes a look at adult women who buy handcrafted dolls… »1/02/08 2:30pm1/02/08 2:30pm

Ryan Gosing's new movie Lars and the Real Girl is about a man's relationship with a Real Doll (those

Ryan Gosing's new movie Lars and the Real Girl is about a man's relationship with a Real Doll (those crazily realistic sex dolls). We know how Ryan is a method actor, so we've been dying to know if he actually fucked the doll in real life. We're starting to think the answer is yes, considering that now we know that… »9/14/07 6:30pm9/14/07 6:30pm

Ryan Gosling Plays Loser In Love With A Doll; We'd Still Hit It

Ryan Gosling's new movie Lars and the Real Girl looks weird and awesome. Ryan plays Lars, a man plagued with some sort of social interaction problem that keeps him from dating women. He decides to enter into a relationship with a Real Doll, which he takes a little too seriously, freaking out the rest of his family. We… »8/22/07 4:00pm8/22/07 4:00pm