New Kelela Track!, Plus New Album Hallucinogen Coming Soon

It’s been too long since Kelela’s Cut 4 Me redirected airy soul vocals towards underground dance music’s most experimental edge—two years, in fact, and longer since she and producer Kingdom dropped its first game-changing single “Bank Head,” which processed Rhythm & Quad through an anti-gravity chamber. »9/02/15 5:10pm9/02/15 5:10pm


Two Superfans Search Desperately for Miguel in Los Angeles, Find Him


This past Saturday, Miguel Jontel Pimentel—musician, sex god, king—posted an invitation to something called the #WILDHEARTEXPERIENCE, providing a link to RSVP. On Sunday, he dropped a few more crumbs, telling his followers to congregate at MELROSE AND FAIRFAX at 7 pm, and to wear white.
»6/16/15 3:50pm6/16/15 3:50pm

Watch Ms. Lauryn Hill & Crew's Lovely Acoustic 'Doo Wop (That Thing)' 

Near 20 years after Lauryn Hill dropped “Doo Wop,” her first single, it’s still got the capacity to induce chills—her syntactical skill on the raps, but most especially the tremor in her vibrato, which contains all the knowing pain it ever did, even with a smile on her face, even after all this time. »5/04/15 11:40am5/04/15 11:40am

So, How Are We Feeling About Ciara's New Single?

Ciara’s dropping Jackie next week and, to my mind, it’s gotta be a home run. 2013’s Ciara was moderately flush with cuts, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere, whether chartwise or culturally. She’s had a tumultuous year—had her first child with rapper Future, a potential dream team that seemed to go south with the… »4/29/15 9:50am4/29/15 9:50am

Kehlani Just Dropped Your New Spring Boning Anthem

Usually when a woman in the general R&B oeuvre sings a line like, “All I do is stay up all night losin’ sleep over you,” she is lamenting her partner’s dirty deeds, or predicating a break-up. (Oh, the early Keyshianess of it all!) With “The Way,” though, Kehlani is neither of those things: she’s sleepless with lust,… »4/28/15 6:00pm4/28/15 6:00pm

You Need to Watch Shura's Bendy, Rose-Tinged Video for '2Shy'

"2Shy" is the fourth single from Shura, a London trio fronted by singer-songwriter/producer Alexandra Denton, and it's their best—although it's seated firmly in the nostalgia zone of r&b synth-pop that's dominated the blogs, if not the charts, for years, "2Shy" works within the genre to generate something pristine and… »4/10/15 7:20pm4/10/15 7:20pm

Tinashe's Amethyst Mixtape Is G-Funk for a New, Womanist Los Angeles

Twenty-two is a really important age for a woman: far enough off from teenhood that it feels grown, new enough to adulthood that self-actualization is a prospect of excitement and fear, like when your stomach starts to drop in airplane turbulence. Some emotions are new; even newer is how confidence cements them there.… »3/18/15 7:10pm3/18/15 7:10pm

Watch Dawn Richard Get Real About Self-Love in New 'Projection' Video

For a few years, Dawn Richard has been independently releasing some of the best, deepest, and most experimental R&B out, and in the States it's been comparatively under-noticed—even as her former crew Danity Kane reunited and broke up again to a slew of tabloidy headlines. What gives! Regardless, in January, she… »3/16/15 10:45am3/16/15 10:45am

Baby, Please Watch The Finest Moments In Pleading From R&B Videos

Nerve has noticed a troubling trend in pop music: Dudes are aren't falling to their knees and begging us to come back to them anymore. Before watching their montage of the finest climactic moments from classic R&B videos, you might want to lay down on some silky sheets and light a few candles — or if you're a dude,… »11/18/11 5:20pm11/18/11 5:20pm