Rappers And Cats: A Complete History

Meow the Jewels is a real thing. What started as a joke—with Run the Jewels, the acerbically bombastic rap duo of EL-P and Killer Mike, offering to re-record their fantastic new sophomore album, Run the Jewels 2, with "nothing but cat sounds for music" if someone gave them $40,000—has bloomed into a Rap Internet… »10/31/14 5:16pm10/31/14 5:16pm

What Would Rappers Look Like if They Lived in Westeros?

If you haven't already heard—and it's impossible not to have heard at this point—Game of Thrones is returning for a new season on April 6th. In order to prepare you for the inevitable bloodbath (and incest), artists have been hard at work creating every iteration of the series you could think of including a full… »3/08/14 2:35pm3/08/14 2:35pm

Meet 'Lucille Baller,' the Violent Rap Alter-Ego of a Dallas Cop

During the day, Dallas Police Lieutenant Regina Smith oversees burglary and theft investigative detectives. Off hours, however, she's a rapper named "Lucille Baller," who calls her revolver "Ms. Lucy," brags about her shooting skills, and, much like any run-of-the-mill rapper, threatens to fuck her haters up. The… »11/29/12 4:00pm11/29/12 4:00pm

Rapper Halfheartedly Apologizes For Advising Young Male Fans to 'Finger' Girls

Hip-hop news website recently posted a video of rapper Too $hort offering so-called "fatherly advice" to teenage boys about talking to girls. You know, when to hold hands, when to call, what to get them for their birthday — haha, no, just kidding, he was giving them tips on how to "finger" their dates. What,… »2/25/12 4:01pm2/25/12 4:01pm