Stacey Dash on Rape Victims: They're Bad Girls Who Like to Be Naughty

It is hard to expect much of Outnumbered. It is also hard to expect much of Fox News, the channel on which Outnumbered airs. And yet a head shake still occurs when one hears an opinion like the one Stacey Dash shared during Friday's episode, when she stated that college women who are raped are "bad girls" who "go out… » 1/30/15 2:45pm 1/30/15 2:45pm

Once And For All, It's Time To Stop Blaming Rape On Women's Drinking

What is it about December that inspires mass breakouts of victim-blaming? Is it the darkness encroaching on our days? Is it the way the holidays make us all want to drink? Whatever it is, it's happening again. And just like last year's Never-Ending Naomi Wolf Incident, this one involves women hating on women in ways… » 12/16/11 5:45pm 12/16/11 5:45pm

Why A Rape Doesn't Get Prosecuted

When University of Iowa grad student Rebecca Epstein reported her rape, Asst. County Attorney Anne Lahey declined to prosecute. It's not completely clear why, but we'll consider a couple of possibilities. » 7/19/11 3:02pm 7/19/11 3:02pm

How A Rape Case Went Off The Rails

When University of Iowa graduate student Rebecca Epstein reported to police that she'd been date-raped, she hoped she'd get justice. But because of the circumstances of her case — possibly including her bipolar disorder — that's not what happened. » 7/19/11 3:00pm 7/19/11 3:00pm

Should The Victim Decide Polanski's Fate?

Roman Polanski's victim Samantha Geimer hopes that now that Switzerland has refused to extradite the director, his case is "over once and for all." But should her wishes matter? » 7/13/10 12:10pm 7/13/10 12:10pm