The Real Losers in Rape Threats: Men, Of Course!

This past weekend, I attended the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo*, going to a whole bunch of panels and meeting some really amazing people. I left feeling happy about my hobbies, creative, hopeful and overwhelmingly like I was part of a really great community of nerds who look out for each other. I heard stories… »4/30/14 9:01pm4/30/14 9:01pm

Woman Who Tweeted She'd Let Chris Brown Beat Her Inundated With Assault, Rape Threats

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz and a-head-shake with news that several fans of Chris Brown expressed their adoration of the star by Tweeting that they'd let the convicted domestic abuser hit them in the face. Some concerned people even took it upon themselves to teach those female internet users a lesson about… »2/14/12 5:00pm2/14/12 5:00pm