Listen Up, Men: Here's How Romney's Views on Women Will Make Your Life More Difficult

In an ideal world, farts would smell like Febreze and people would be able to empathize with the plights of others without needing to have made into something About Them, but this world is far from ideal. Farts smell awful and men, as a population, are not excellent at empathizing with women. So here's the reality… »10/22/12 11:50am10/22/12 11:50am


Indiana Rep Suggests Women Will Lie About Rape To Get Abortions, Gets Told

Let us enter Indiana into contention in the state-level sweepstakes to curtail women's rights in the most spectacularly callous way possible. Sure, it's no South Dakota, but does South Dakota have a Republican state rep who argued that there should be no rape or incest exception because abortion-greedy women will… »3/31/11 11:50am3/31/11 11:50am