Derrick Rose's Accuser Questioned About Text Messages On Final Day Of Testimony

The Derrick Rose civil trial, in its last hours of testimony, was all about text messages on Tuesday. It began with Jane Doe answering questions about text messages her attorneys failed to submit to the defense earlier in the trial, continued with lawyers fighting over even more text messages, and ended with a former…

People Are Disrupting Clinton Rallies With 'Bill Clinton Is a Rapist' Shirts So They Can Win Money 

In the midst of this brutal and never-ending carnival of an election, you’d think we’d run out of new ways to humiliate ourselves as a nation. But you’d be wrong: Protesters wearing “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” shirts are disrupting Clinton rallies, because the conspiracy site InfoWars is offering them $5,000 to do so.

Audrie and Daisy: an Infuriating and Familiar Look at How Teen Sexual Assault Victims Are Demonized

Audrie & Daisy, the new documentary on Netflix from Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, is a harrowing and hopeful film that personalizes the larger-spectrum issue of rape culture. Focusing on Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who were 15 and 14, respectively, when they were sexual assaulted by their peers, it examines with…

Canadian Judge Faces Removal for Asking Complainant in Rape Trial Why She Couldn't 'Just Keep Your Knees Together'

A judge in Canada is facing removal from the bench after asking a woman who said she had been raped why she couldn’t “skew her pelvis” or “just keep your knees together” during the attack. Justice Robin Camp’s lawyer argued this week that the judge has a “strong moral compass” and simply needs counseling and…