Here's Uber's New PSA About How Safe They Are 

Uber is once again facing some questions about its safety standards, after a Philadelphia woman told police she was raped and kidnapped by an UberX driver. The company didn't learn about the rape until 40 days later, when a reporter from Philadelphia magazine told them about it. » 3/27/15 11:15am Friday 11:15am

Philadelphia Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped By an UberX Driver

A Philadelphia woman told Philadelphia police she was raped by an UberX driver on February 6, who then drove her around for nearly two hours, refusing to let her out of the car. When Philadelphia reached out to Uber for comment, the company was unaware the rape had occurred. That was 40 days ago, and the driver's… » 3/24/15 3:00pm 3/24/15 3:00pm

Police Detain Eight Suspects in Indian Gang Rape Investigation 

Yesterday, awful news broke that a 74-year-old nun was gang raped during a robbery in eastern Indian. Six men broke into a convent school, stole money, and ransacked the church before gang-raping the elderly nun. Video recording of the six attackers was almost immediately released to the public, along with a $1500… » 3/15/15 12:00pm 3/15/15 12:00pm

Nun Gang-Raped During Robbery in India 

A nun in her 70s was gang-raped by a group of men on Saturday as she attempted to prevent them from robbing a missionary school in eastern India. » 3/14/15 3:00pm 3/14/15 3:00pm

Man Acquitted For Raping 13-Year-Old Because She Was 'Well-Developed'

This week, a Swedish court ruled to acquit a 27-year-old man of raping a 13-year-old girl because her body was too "well-developed" for him to have guessed her age. » 3/13/15 12:30pm 3/13/15 12:30pm

The People Who Make Brutal Video Game Porn

Before you can understand one of the most popular Tomb Raider porn videos online, you need to know about a key scene in a recent Tomb Raider game. » 3/11/15 5:00pm 3/11/15 5:00pm

Religious Aid Groups: Raped Migrant Kids Should Not Get Plan B

Up to 80 percent of the undocumented migrant women and girls who cross the U.S. Mexico border are raped during their crossing. Now, a coalition of religious groups who provide emergency services to migrant children and teens are arguing they shouldn't be "forced" to provide emergency contraception, abortion referral… » 3/05/15 11:00am 3/05/15 11:00am

Oregon: We Have The Right To Access A Rape Victim's Medical Records 

The University of Oregon is being sued by a student who claims that after she was raped by three basketball players, the school tailored and delayed their discipline so the men could play in the NCAA tournament. Those allegations alone sound horrible (Oregon denies them), but they've taken a disturbing twist: the… » 3/03/15 5:17pm 3/03/15 5:17pm

New Accuser: Cosby Made Me Pretend to Be a Queen With Oatmeal on My Face

A woman named Patricia has come forward accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her between 1978 and 1980, joining a chorus of roughly 30 other alleged victims of the comedian. » 3/03/15 10:50am 3/03/15 10:50am

Delhi Bus Gang Rapist Mukesh Singh Blames Victim for Fighting Back 

In 2012, 23-year-old Jyoti Singh was returning from a night at the movies with a male friend in Delhi, India when they caught a ride on a minibus. Inside, six men beat her with iron rods and gang-raped her. She died two days later from her injuries. In a jailhouse interview, one of the men convicted in the attack now… » 3/02/15 10:10am 3/02/15 10:10am

Storytime With Mom: A Genealogy of Rape

"If two people come together," my mother began, "who've never had any power except by the way of abuse, it's going to be bad. Both of us had power exerted over us as children. I eventually learned that as an adult, I was still doing the dance, seeking out abusive relationships. That doesn't mean it was my fault. But… » 2/28/15 2:05pm 2/28/15 2:05pm

A Look Inside the Terrible Manual Cops Use to Teach 'Rape Prevention'

Rape Aggression Defense, or R.A.D., as it brands itself, is one of the most widely offered women's self-defense programs in the country. R.A.D. was developed by a police officer, and is ubiquitous at colleges and universities; it's taught primarily by law enforcement personnel, making it a pretty accurate reflection… » 2/25/15 2:10pm 2/25/15 2:10pm

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Aim to Dismiss Defamation Suit By Friday

This week, Bill Cosby's lawyers plan to ask a federal judge to toss a defamation lawsuit filed by three woman who say the comedian sexually assaulted them. » 2/25/15 12:15pm 2/25/15 12:15pm

850 DNA Matches Found as Houston Clears Rape Kit Backlog

Officials announced that evidence from 6,663 untested rape kits in Houston has produced 850 hits in the FBI's national DNA database, the Associated Press reports. Charges have already been filed against 29 people since the $6 million effort to clear the backlog was launched in 2013. » 2/23/15 9:35pm 2/23/15 9:35pm

Guy Allegedly Beat & Raped Fellow Student Because Fifty Shades of Grey 

A dude at University of Illinois at Chicago decided to reenact Fifty Shades of Grey without the consent of his partner and then was surprised that he couldn't just go home after his case went to court. How many more ways can we explain the concept of consent? How many? » 2/23/15 6:10pm 2/23/15 6:10pm

Oklahoma's Horrid Legislature Targets History Classes Instead of Rape

The Oklahoma State Legislature is taking aim this session at the most serious issue plaguing the state: AP U.S. history, which is too "negative" and "leftist." They've been so busy with that, though, that it looks they're not going to get around to passing a couple other laws—ones that would have protected LGBT… » 2/23/15 2:10pm 2/23/15 2:10pm

Richard Pryor's Widow Jennifer Lee Calls Bill Cosby a 'Piece of Shit'

Richard Lee Pryor's widow Jennifer Lee Pryor is joining the chorus of women who've publicly berated Bill Cosby in light of his multiple rape allegations. » 2/23/15 11:30am 2/23/15 11:30am

Columbia Anti-Rape Protesters Threatened with Disciplinary Action 

The anti-rape activists who crashed an admissions session at Columbia University say the school is threatening them with unspecified disciplinary action. Members of No Red Tape say several of their members were sent letters from the school's Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, warning them that their… » 2/23/15 10:50am 2/23/15 10:50am

Men Wear Miniskirts, Protest Murder and Alleged Rape of Turkish Woman

» 2/21/15 5:15pm 2/21/15 5:15pm

'Men Take Things': How to Get Away with Murder Addresses Sexual Abuse

Viola Davis already acts her ass off on How to Get Away with Murder, so it's a smart move pairing her with Cicely Tyson, who masterfully played Annalise Keating's mom on Thursday night's How to Get Away with Murder. The most intense moment in the episode was a scene where they addressed rape and molestation. » 2/20/15 12:30pm 2/20/15 12:30pm