Model Natalia Vodianova Explains it Is Better to be Skinny Than Fat,…

"Come on, guys, it's better to be skinny than to be fat!" So said 30-year-old model Natalia Vodianova as part of a panel discussion at the British Vogue Festival over the weekend. (This was after she was asked, "It's undeniable that models are very thin, expected to be very thin, and thinner than 99.9 percent of the… » 4/23/12 1:20pm 4/23/12 1:20pm

Lindsay Lohan Damages New Range Rover

Lindsay's having a hard time getting used to the $140,000 Onyx Range Rover gifted to her last week. On Sunday, she miscalculated the size of the SUV and closed her garage door on the trunk, causing some damage. » 1/11/11 11:15am 1/11/11 11:15am