As The Obama Transition Begins, So Does The Kiss-And-Tell On Palin

There's nothing like the end of a hard-fought and losing campaign to bring out the scandals you never would've heard about if the campaign had prevailed. So, while Obama focuses on Cabinet picks and Rahm Emanuel), we leave a little room to talk about Africa, NAFTA, Randy Schenemann getting fired and how beautiful… »11/06/08 10:30am11/06/08 10:30am

Do You Think Todd Palin Will Let John McCain Fly His Plane?

John McCain's on the cover »10/01/08 10:00am10/01/08 10:00am this week flying a plane that is undoubtedly not Real American(TM) Todd Palin's "320-series Piper single-engine airplane" and, if Todd has his way, likely never will be. But two Unreal Americans, of and me, have a bunch to say about what it might mean to live middle-class in the unreal…

Conventional Crap: The Protests Are On And Randy Scheunemann Is Worse Than You Think

The thing about living in Washington is that you run into famous-for-DC people all the time because it's a relatively small place and everyone goes to the same 10 restaurants for work functions. Between that and being a lobbyist, I've met a lot of Republicans, big and small, and rarely are they ever less than… »9/02/08 10:00am9/02/08 10:00am