Ralph Lauren, for the Reg American Pretending to Be Jetset Euro Royalty in You

Ralph Lauren is known for doing luxe Americana, but the fall 2013 collection he showed today — as New York Fashion week draws to a close — had European influences. Some of the hats seemed Russian; the carpet bags looked like from elsewhere in Eastern Europe; there were Spanish ruffles and French berets. Oh, and in… »2/14/13 5:00pm2/14/13 5:00pm

Ralph Lauren, for the 1930s Vaquero-Loving Bullfight Enthusiast in You

Ralph Lauren is known for fetishizing Americana, but last night's presentation of the Spring 2013 collection had a decidedly Spanish flair. It was unclear whether he was referencing the Iberian peninsula or Mexico, Argentina or Chile, but there were flamenco flounces, vaquero hats, and dresses as red as the Castilian… »9/14/12 12:40pm9/14/12 12:40pm

Ralph Lauren Debuts Strange New 'One Tiny Arm' Look

Listen, tiny hands are great and all, but they are so three days ago. We constantly need to keep evolving as a society (and by that I mean inventing new internet memes), or we are never going to survive. Thankfully, Ralph Lauren, a brand which so brilliantly manages to be classic and forward-thinking at the same time,… »3/23/12 10:00am3/23/12 10:00am

Calvin Klein Cast Kate Moss Because She Was 'Always Thin'

Calvin Klein gave a rare public interview at 92Y this week, where he spoke with former head of New York fashion week Fern Mallis. The 68-year-old retired designer discussed addiction, his boyfriend, 21-year-old porn star Nicholas Gruber, Kate Moss, selling his company — and growing up in the same Bronx neighborhood as… »10/19/11 1:20pm10/19/11 1:20pm