Room is a Horror Film About Growing Up

I saw Room in the Paris Theater in Midtown Manhattan; it played to a packed audience of boistrous industry types. Everyone was distracted and distractable until the lights went down, after which we spent two hours together in rapt silence. Nobody chatted, but almost everyone cried; a woman directly behind me spent… »10/19/15 11:00am10/19/15 11:00am


Mellow Out with This ‘Middle-Eastern Version’ of ‘Karma Police’

Vocalist Rotem Shefy and cellist/arranger Leat Sabbah describe this serene cover as “our very own Middle-Eastern version” of Radiohead’s 1997 “Karma Police,” the song you probably mentioned to friends as being “chill” when you were young and extremely self-conscious about seeming like you were a music connoisseur. … »5/27/13 5:00pm5/27/13 5:00pm

George Clooney And Jennifer Aniston Share Private Jet, Awkwardly Avoid Topic Of Brad Pitt

George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston shared a private jet—the Glitter Person version of splitting a cab—in Switzerland. Were this an NYU freshman playwright's hastily-penned one-act, they would experience some turbulence and blurt out their long-held secrets, resentments and desires for… »6/29/12 9:00am6/29/12 9:00am

Nina Garcia Thinks Your Birth Control Is Aesthetically Unpleasing

  • It's official: Nina Garcia is officially a has-been. The recently-fired Elle fashion director is now partnering with Bayer and Yaz to judge a contest in which people submit designs for a new little case to hold birth control pills. I don't know about you, but I like the purple faux-suede "wallet" that my Yasmin comes…
  • »4/30/08 11:30am4/30/08 11:30am