JWoww's Ex Continues To Abuse Her Long After Breakup

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Lippolis — who used to be the boyfriend of Jersey Shore's Jenni "JWoww" Farley — told Star magazine that she stabbed him in the arm with a steak knife. Now, Lippolis has filmed an "exclusive" video interview for Radar, in which he claims that JWoww maybe tried to kill herself shortly after… »5/02/11 12:52pm5/02/11 12:52pm


Literary Ladies Look Thirty Years Younger With The Right Makeover

We always agreed with Angela Chase on My So-Called Life when she described Anne Frank as "lucky." Angela's English teacher asks her, "How could Anne Frank be lucky?" and Angela responds, "'Cause she was stuck in an attic for three years with this guy she really liked." That's the part of Anne Frank that people should… »4/01/08 5:30pm4/01/08 5:30pm

Is Michelle Williams The Latest Victim Of The ELLE Curse?

  • Further proof that there may really be a ELLE curse: WWD reports that actress Michelle Williams had already been shot for the April cover of the ladymag, but asked to have it and a related story pulled after the death of Heath Ledger. She's since been replaced with Natalie Portman. [WWD, 1st item]
  • Eva Mendes is the…
  • »2/01/08 11:30am2/01/08 11:30am
As Radar magazine puts it, what prom was for Carrie, Thanksgiving is for the Rachel Zoe's and Mary K

As Radar magazine puts it, what prom was for Carrie, Thanksgiving is for the Rachel Zoe's and Mary Kate's of the world: Torture. ("They're all going to laugh at you!) So what's a poor anorexic to do? Strategize, naturally! Here's an abridged version of their extra-special guide: "Cast your decision not to eat the… »11/21/07 2:40pm11/21/07 2:40pm

This Week We Discussed Pizza, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Now and Laters.

We worried about Tinsley's eating habits.
And about this girl who sold her vaj for a bacon double cheeseburger.
We crushed on DJ to the stars Mark Ronson.
And anti-crushed on Glamour jerkblogger Mike Cherico.
We wondered why high-end salesgirls are so cunty.
And fretted over the the safety of our dear Anonymous… »11/02/07 8:00pm11/02/07 8:00pm

Radar magazine reports that Kate Moss is on a downward spiral.

Radar magazine reports that Kate Moss is on a downward spiral. The magazine takes a look at Moss' cover photos from the model's 15+ year career and attempts to shows how she's progressed from then to now. Memo to Radar: That's not a downward spiral. That's called aging. And aging pretty gracefully, considering the… »10/15/07 3:45pm10/15/07 3:45pm

Spencer Pratt Loves God, Plans To Become President Of United States

Radar runs an interview with The Hills antihero/antichrist Spencer Pratt in its politics issue, because it turns out he would like to be President someday! (In addition to being a billionaire by the age of thirty, which he totally deserves because "managing" the retard career of some retard blond you fucked and forced… »10/15/07 12:30pm10/15/07 12:30pm

Britney Spears Is Stubborn, Sweet... Hopefully Not Pregnant

Everyone's getting in on the handwriting analysis game. Today, RadarOnline has the apologetic missive Britney Spears sent to celebrity photo agency x17 analyzed, and, from the looks of it, Miss Britney Jean is a little more complex than, say, Paris Hilton. For starters, Britney is strong-willed and stubborn! »7/06/07 11:02am7/06/07 11:02am