Jay Z and Will Smith Are Producing an Emmett Till HBO Miniseries

Jay Z and Will Smith are teaming up with Aaron Kaplan to produce an HBO miniseries about Emmett Till, the 14-year-old who was lynched in Money, Mississippi in 1955 after whistling at a white woman. His death became a catalyst for the civil rights movement—and the brutality it evidenced in race relations in America is… » 7/27/15 11:30am Today 11:30am

Texas County Where Sandra Bland Died Has Long History Of Racism

Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, just days after a white police officer pulled over and arrested her when she failed to signal a lane change. Her arrest has been cited as a prime example of racial bias and misuse of force by the police — and it happened in a county itself marred by… » 7/26/15 8:20pm Yesterday 8:20pm

Hulk Hogan Refers to “Fucking Niggers” in Leaked Transcript

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. has cut ties with the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, reportedly due to sealed transcripts quoted by the National Enquirer and Radar on Friday morning in which Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) refers to black people as “fucking niggers” and admits that “I am a racist, to a point.” » 7/24/15 9:38am Friday 9:38am

MTV's White People Documentary Preaches to a Different But Open Choir

On Tuesday, MTV aired a documentary called White People aimed to tackle what it means to be white, or rather a millennial white person in 2015. But what the film really did was explain whiteness as a racial and beneficial construct called white privilege, to those who probably don’t like to admit they’re enjoying it. » 7/23/15 2:00pm Thursday 2:00pm

Texas DA Intimates Sandra Bland's 'Mental Illness' Caused Her Suicide

In Texas, a Walter County District attorney named Elton Mathis told press that Sandra Bland “may have been suffering from a mental illness” when she reportedly hung herself in a Texas jail cell earlier this week. Bland was pulled over for a routine traffic stop that garnered her three days in jail and $5,000 bail. » 7/17/15 3:50pm 7/17/15 3:50pm

Vandals Wreck, Submerge Car of Black Bishop, Call It 'Charleston 2'

Remarkably, this is not even the first time that New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne, Florida has been attacked. In February, a vandal set fire to the church’s storage shed and tagged it with swastikas; in March, the church’s trucks were vandalized. Somehow, these attacks were not described as hate crimes by… » 7/14/15 6:15pm 7/14/15 6:15pm

Mike Huckabee: Donald Trump Isn't Racist, Just 'A Plain-Spoken Guy'

In an already-forgotten ad aired earlier this year, Mike Huckabee’s America Takes Action group said illegal immigration leads to a “bad element” coming into the country, including “drug runners, terrorists and human traffickers”—all of this according to a rancher in the ad, who acts as a Huckabee mouthpiece. » 7/14/15 12:50pm 7/14/15 12:50pm

Following Kylie Exchange, Amandla Stenberg Talks Appropriation and Race

Over the weekend, Amandla Stenberg and Kylie Jenner got in a heated exchange on Instagram after Kylie Jenner posted an image of herself with cornrows along with the caption, “I woke up like disss.” After being dismissively told by Jenner to “Go hang w Jaden [Smith] or something,” Stenberg took the time to write out… » 7/13/15 1:45pm 7/13/15 1:45pm

Watch South Carolina's Confederate Flag Get Taken Down, For Good

On Friday, South Carolina removed the Confederate flag that has flown over the state’s capitol for more than 50 years. As the Highway Patrol Honor Guard marched and removed the symbol, protestors both for and against its removal crowded around and yelled things like “take it down!” » 7/10/15 11:15am 7/10/15 11:15am