Who Wore It Worst: Chris Brown's Head Tattoo vs. Yelawolf's Confederate Flag Jacket

This young week has already brought us a bounty of questionable fashion choices: great judgment-haver Chris Brown is displaying a fresh tattoo of a Venus de Milo’s head, maybe, or someone who’s just had a traumatic tooth extraction—tough to say. Meanwhile, white rapper Yelawolf published a full-throated defense of the… » 8/25/15 2:10pm Tuesday 2:10pm

The Fight For The Soul Of Black Lives Matter

A week and a half ago, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was speaking in Seattle, Wash., when he was interrupted by two young, black protesters. Marissa Janae Johnson and Mara Jacqeline Willaford, representing the local chapter of Black Lives Matter, called on the Vermont senator to publish his campaign platform… » 8/20/15 1:00pm 8/20/15 1:00pm

University of Alabama Sorority Deletes Viral Recruitment Video After Backlash

In advance of their annual Bid Day, in which prospective sorority members are told which sororities they’ve been accepted into, the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi released a Bid video promoting their sorority, part of a longstanding tradition of sisterhood self-promotion. Dubbed by Total Frat Move as “a nuke on the… » 8/17/15 10:15am 8/17/15 10:15am

Hollywood Blockbusters Are Still Overwhelmingly White and Male 

A new report by the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative finds that Hollywood-produced movies are still overwhelming white and male. The study, “Inequality in 700 Popular Films,” describes “epidemic” in the lack of diversity. The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis has the breakdown: » 8/09/15 12:45pm 8/09/15 12:45pm

Racist Trashbag Screams 'Speak English' at Latina Mom in LA IHOP

Last week, a batshit racist trashbag in line at IHOP began screaming at a Latina mom minding her own business to “speak English!,” when said mom was simply having a conversation with her son, Carlos Vasquez. Latina mom straight up speaks English and, triumphantly, yelled back, “Shut up! You’re stupid!” » 8/06/15 12:05pm 8/06/15 12:05pm

Reasonable Mother Kidnaps Her Own Daughter to Prevent Vaccination 

After evading arrest for more than a year, Megan Everett, 23, has been caught and charged with kidnapping her 3-year-old daughter Lilly. Now, you might ask, “Why the hell would a mother kidnap her own daughter?” The totally rational answer: to keep her daughter from being vaccinated. » 8/03/15 11:15pm 8/03/15 11:15pm

Hysterical Fox News Man Compares #BlackLivesMatter to Gestapo

On Wednesday, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly highlighted a reporter who tried to cover a Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago but was told to turn off his camera by activists. O’Reilly somehow linked that to black-on-black crime, the condemnation of white people and himself as the reporter giving the most coverage to the Black… » 7/30/15 10:40am 7/30/15 10:40am

Reports on Sandra Bland's Posthumous THC Levels Riddled With Bad Science

There is something very off about a recent story circulated by the Associated Press on Sandra Bland’s toxicology report, which was released on Monday. It was mostly republished by right-of-center publications like the New York Post and Fox News, with little interest from the mainstream media—presumably because the… » 7/29/15 10:00am 7/29/15 10:00am

Jay Z and Will Smith Are Producing an Emmett Till HBO Miniseries

Jay Z and Will Smith are teaming up with Aaron Kaplan to produce an HBO miniseries about Emmett Till, the 14-year-old who was lynched in Money, Mississippi in 1955 after whistling at a white woman. His death became a catalyst for the civil rights movement—and the brutality it evidenced in race relations in America is… » 7/27/15 11:30am 7/27/15 11:30am

Texas County Where Sandra Bland Died Has Long History Of Racism

Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, just days after a white police officer pulled over and arrested her when she failed to signal a lane change. Her arrest has been cited as a prime example of racial bias and misuse of force by the police — and it happened in a county itself marred by… » 7/26/15 8:20pm 7/26/15 8:20pm

Hulk Hogan Refers to “Fucking Niggers” in Leaked Transcript

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. has cut ties with the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, reportedly due to sealed transcripts quoted by the National Enquirer and Radar on Friday morning in which Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) refers to black people as “fucking niggers” and admits that “I am a racist, to a point.” » 7/24/15 9:38am 7/24/15 9:38am