Has Nail Polish Finally Caught Up To The Hard Abuse Of Working On A Race Car?

I love racing cars and working on them, but it sort of prevents me from enjoying certain things—like fingernail polish. I can’t get a manicure without it chipping immediately. So, I tried out a ridiculous manicure that had to be baked on like automotive paint to find out if pretty nails could finally hold up to oily… »10/14/15 3:49pm10/14/15 3:49pm


If Women Want to Race Like Men, They Better Look Like Girls

Thanks to a combination of Lady Gaga lyrics, deodorant strong enough for men but made just for us, and pole dancing classes, women are now more equal with men than ever. We're out-enrolling men in college, we're installing tampon machines in executive suite bathrooms, and we still enjoy a commanding lead in the… »8/07/12 11:40am8/07/12 11:40am

Katherine Legge Brings the First All-Woman Team to the Indy 500

Unless you're a fan of automobiles traveling rapidly around a tilted oval, you probably didn't watch the 96th Indy 500 today. Spoiler alert: Dario Franchitti won. That's a big deal for him, I guess, but someone wins every year and he'd already won twice before. It's not every year, however, that someone has an… »5/27/12 6:00pm5/27/12 6:00pm

Racing Fans Freak Out Over Congresswoman's Proposal to Cut Government NASCAR Sponsorship

This morning, an amendment proposed by Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum and one of her Republican colleagues, Jack Kingston of Georgia, passed through the House Appropriations Committee. The proposal aimed to cut $80 million from the federal government's budget by barring the Department of Defense from spending… »5/17/12 5:45pm5/17/12 5:45pm

Meet the Speed Sisters, Palestinian Race Car Drivers Intent on Winning

Pictured above is Noor Daoud. She was born in Texas, likes fast cars, but also was on an Olympic swim team and on the Palestinian national soccer team. Right now, though, she's focused on racing Formula 3. According to reports, Daoud is the first Palestinian, male or female, to participate in and win an Israeli race.… »1/13/12 3:00pm1/13/12 3:00pm

NASCAR Driver Apologizes To All the Bitches Who Don't Think Breastfeeding is 'Nasty'

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne has apologized for a Tweet wherein he called the sight of a woman breastfeeding her child "nasty," and a follow up Tweet wherein he called a woman who criticized his calling the woman nasty a "bitch." Someone who makes obscene amounts of money as a professional athlete/amusement has a… »12/29/11 11:00am12/29/11 11:00am