Rachel Zoe's New Talk Show Will Be Very Boring and Very White

Do we want a “fashion talk show”? Do we need a “fashion talk show”? The answer is pretty far on the NOPE end of the scale, but regardless, we are getting one: celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, whose guttural, emotionless catch-phrases I have grudgingly missed since Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project wrapped in 2013, will be… »7/15/15 8:50pm7/15/15 8:50pm


The $296,133 Christmas: A Financial Tally of Celebrity Gift Guides

In the business of taste-making, holiday gift guides provide an important moment for celebrities with lifestyle brands to communicate their style. But given that celebrities tend to be super rich, are they really the best people to turn to when it comes to shopping lists? How in tune are they with their target demos?… »12/20/13 4:15pm12/20/13 4:15pm

Rachel Zoe is "OFFICIALLY" pregnant: "Before we head into the chaos of fashion season

Rachel Zoe is "OFFICIALLY" pregnant: "Before we head into the chaos of fashion season, we wanted to take a moment to OFFICIALLY confirm that we are expecting another child, Zoe wrote on her site." Let the desperate hope that she has a child that wants to wear lots of long black designer caftans begin now. »9/03/13 1:50pm9/03/13 1:50pm

Rachel Zoe, for the Dressage Dame Gone Dangerous in You

Stylist, designer, editor, pilot, school teacher, lover, mother, and epic swing dancer (psych!), Rachel Zoe sent her Fall 2013 collection down the runway yesterday. The show notes stated her inspiration as "rock 'n' roll underground London" and "the equestrian lifestyle". The Sex Pistols merging with fox hunting —… »2/14/13 11:40pm2/14/13 11:40pm

Brad Goreski Calls Rachel Zoe A Lying Liar (But Misses Her)

Brad Goreski only spent 30 seconds of his new show It's a Brad Brad World — which premiered last night on Bravo, the same network that airs Rachel Zoe's reality show — discussing the falling out with his old boss, but went into a little more detail on The Wendy Williams show this morning, saying he never received a… »1/03/12 12:05pm1/03/12 12:05pm

Tyra Banks Is Now A New York Times Best-Selling Author

Tyra Banks' YA novel Modelland just débuted at number 2 on the New York Times' best-seller list, children's chapter books section. You can read an excerpt — this is the story with the protagonist named Tookie De La Creme, remember — here. [NewNowNext] »10/10/11 12:55pm10/10/11 12:55pm

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