Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Nicki Minaj-Inspired Ode to Impressing the In-Laws

Despite a title and a marketing campaign that threw some off at first, the CW’s new show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is much more than it appears. It’s the story of high-strung attorney named Rebecca who, on a whim, quits her job in New York to move to a small town in California after a run-in with her camp boyfriend. With… »11/13/15 4:50pm11/13/15 4:50pm


Finally! A Disney Princess Story with More Black Death

Do you ever watch Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Brave and think to yourself "These Olde Europe-based cartoons are great and all, but I wish they would be a more accurate portrayal of the times!"? Of course you do! Luckily, musician and comedian Rachel Bloom has you covered and is ready to… »5/21/13 7:15pm5/21/13 7:15pm