Ryan Gosling Is Really Worried That He’s Letting You Down

Ryan Gosling, who must not frequent this or any other website very often, says that his fans always seem to be disappointed once they finally meet him: » 9/10/11 2:05pm 9/10/11 2:05pm

Levi Johnston's Sister Says Sarah Palin Would Have A "Mental Breakdown"…

When Levi Johnston's sister Mercede was asked how she would feel if Sarah Palin were elected president, she really didn't hold back: » 8/06/11 4:40pm 8/06/11 4:40pm

Rudy Giuliani Thinks Gay Marriage Is Wrong, But Republican Party Should…

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani may think that "marriage should be between a man and woman", but he also thinks the Republican Party should "get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things get decided by states." » 7/17/11 9:30pm 7/17/11 9:30pm

Arianna Huffington On Female Friendships And Botoxing Your Feet

Arianna Huffington discusses the importance of having a "fearlessness tribe" of female friends — and becoming a "passionate missionary" who encourages women to choose flats over painful high heels, as they may increase your chances of getting mugged: » 7/11/11 10:56am 7/11/11 10:56am

Mel Gibson's Gay Brother Comes To His Defense

According to Mel Gibson's brother, Andrew, Gibson's family still refuses to believe that the recordings of Mel "using abusive, homophobic and racist language are really of him." » 7/10/11 9:03pm 7/10/11 9:03pm

Ann Coulter Calls Bill Maher A "Misogynist" To His Face

According to Tennessee Guerilla Women, Ann Coulter is the first woman to point out Bill Maher's "woman problem" during a recent appearance on his show. » 7/09/11 3:30pm 7/09/11 3:30pm

Ann Coulter Disses Princess Diana

"I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess, and particularly Lady Di, who was just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist." Ahem. » 7/01/11 10:45am 7/01/11 10:45am

Doctor Clears Berlusconi For Lots Of Fucking

"Silvio Berlusconi may be 74 but he is as robust as a 60 year old and is capable of having sexual intercourse up to five times a day, his personal doctor has said." —News you can use, courtesy of The Telegraph. » 6/30/11 5:16pm 6/30/11 5:16pm

This Is What Happens When You Meet Michael Bay For The First Time

GQ profiles Michael Bay with a sort of oral history, containing personal accounts from the professionals who have worked alongside him. Quotes ranged from, "Michael Bay has a mainline to the testosterone glands of the American male" (Frances McDormand) to, "He can be merciless at times, yet surprisingly sensitive"… » 6/29/11 4:30pm 6/29/11 4:30pm

Kathy Griffin's New Year's Resolution: Offend Willow Palin

Says the comedienne, who, unlike you, refrained from swearing on New Year's Eve, "I've already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously, but I think it's Willow's year to go down." But what about Track, Kathy? What about Track? » 1/02/11 5:25pm 1/02/11 5:25pm