QUIZ: What B-Movie Horror Should You Watch?

Jason, Freddy and Michael aren’t the only ones to summon if you’re in the mood to watch something scary this Halloween week. There are plenty of B-horror flicks to watch that are simultaneously creepy and cheesy. Be horrified by crude claymation. Scream at the sight of outdated special effects. Run from demonic dolls,… »10/28/15 5:20pm10/28/15 5:20pm

Are We Cheating Whores Or Just Friendly And Popular?

There's a quiz regarding relationships and fidelity in the UK paper The Mirror today that's sorta retarded. The eight-question, multiple-choice quiz is supposed to help readers determine the likelihood of whether or not they will be unfaithful to their significant others. Three problems: If you don't have a boyfriend,… »10/01/07 4:30pm10/01/07 4:30pm