Nickelodeon's 90s Revival Debuts To High Ratings

In case you were living under a rock, Nickelodeon's 2-hour block of 90s nostalgia programming began airing Monday night and it garnered some impressive numbers: Monday's lineup of All That, Kenan & Kel, Clarissa Explains It All and Doug premiered to an audience about 850 times bigger than what aired on Teen Nick the… » 7/27/11 1:15pm 7/27/11 1:15pm

The Late Show Adds Jena Friedman To Writing Staff

Splitsider reports that the Late Show With David Letterman has hired local stand-up comic Jena Friedman, marking the first time in history that more than one woman has worked on the show's full-time writing staff. (The show's only other female writing staffer joined the team in 2009 — a time when there were no women… » 7/12/11 5:10pm 7/12/11 5:10pm