Your Childhood Pal, Anne of Green Gables, Was Probably Queer

Anne of Green Gables may not be the the first work on your list of "classic queer literature," but maybe it should be. There's something about Anne Shirley which seems, at least to me, undeniably queer. It's little wonder that I have always identified heavily with Anne and the novel remains my favorite novel of all… »5/15/14 11:08pm5/15/14 11:08pm

Heterosexist Feminism and the Great Pubes Debate

Today, I read yet another article on feminism and pubic hair. "How can I [wax my pubic hair off] and still call myself a feminist?" asks Caroline Rothstein (and countless others). Since this is clearly a debate that is not going to die, it's time for us to talk about way straightness permeates her essay, and the pubes… »2/09/14 8:00pm2/09/14 8:00pm