Documentary Packed in a Trunk Unveils Edith Lake Wilkinson's Lost Art

In 1924, under dubious circumstances, painter Edith Lake Wilkinson was committed to an asylum for the mentally ill. Her paintings were locked away in a trunk, mailed to a relative, and cloistered for 40 years. Now, HBO documentary Packed in a Trunk brushes off the dust and returns Wilkinson’s artwork to daylight. » 7/07/15 3:15pm 7/07/15 3:15pm

Stop Telling Me and My Partner to Adopt

In March of this year, after a lot of discussion with my partner Charlie, I did something I’d been afraid to do for a long time: I wrote, and submitted for publication, an essay about our year-and-a-half (so far) of attempting to conceive a child. The essay, which was published on BuzzFeed LGBT, prompted not only a… » 6/15/15 3:00pm 6/15/15 3:00pm

Nebraska Won't Let Kid Read Macklemore Lyrics on TV, Shitstorm Ensues

Every year, the winners of Nebraska's state high school speech and drama competition are invited to perform their winning material on public TV. But this year, they're running things a little differently. One of the winners in the poetry category, you see, made the mistake of choosing "controversial" material that… » 4/02/14 6:10pm 4/02/14 6:10pm

Baptist Pastor Suggests We Round Up the Gay People and Put Them in a Concentration Camp

Wow, when it comes to being bigoted maniacs, North Carolina's Baptist pastors are really on a roll. It was just a few weeks ago that Pastor Sean Harris suggested to his congregation that they beat their kids if they showed any signs of being gay. That seemed like it was as bad as it could possibly get, but,… » 5/22/12 11:50am 5/22/12 11:50am