Director Dee Rees Cements Her Soft Style in Bessie With Queen Latifah

While the world rightfully celebrates Ava DuVernay’s skills with Selma, we might want to stay tuned to director Dee Rees too. The creative force behind HBO’s Bessie, Rees cut her teeth on the heart-wrenching independent film Pariah that left me in a puddle of tears by the credits and she brought the same raw, subtle…

Would You Call Your Fave Musician for Love Advice? Well, Now You Can! 

We currently occupy an era in which a great many pop artists are thirsting to associate themselves with the latest technologies—Madonna releasing new videos on Snapchat and Meerkat, Jay-Z’s acquisition of Tidal, etc.—with the assumption that these things will make them more accessible to the youth market or, at the…

Watch Queen Latifah and The Wire's Omar Make Out Like Crazy in Bessie 

I don't know much about Bessie Smith's life, but I love music and a good biopic—so when I learned about Queen Latifah playing the Blues icon in HBO's Bessie I was excited. The latest trailer makes it look better than anticipated, however, thanks to the casting of Michael K. Williams, who played Omar on The Wire