Are 'Queen Bee' Bosses a Thing of the Past?

There's a pervasive theory, backed by research, that high-level career women feel threatened by successful female coworkers and therefore fail to promote more of them to the top. But a new study by Catalyst found that women are actually more likely than other men to help women advance their careers. And here I… » 6/12/12 7:15pm 6/12/12 7:15pm

Lil Kim's Mixtape Cover Art Is Crazy On Several Levels

The artwork for Lil Kim's new mixtape, Black Friday, is an absolute masterpiece of Photoshop. In fact, the proportions are so bizarre — look at the waist as compared to the neck! — that we're not even sure the designer started with a photograph. Was Kim's head dropped on to someone else's body? Was the whole thing… » 2/17/11 2:42pm 2/17/11 2:42pm

Plastics Get Comeuppance On New Show Queen Bees

Go back to the high school locker room with Queen Bees, the "mean-girl makeover" reality show premiering on teen-centric N Network July 11th. Seven mean girls, nominated by "friends," family and boyfriends, are tricked into believing they are there to compete in some kind of "biggest diva" showdown. But then America's… » 6/19/08 12:30pm 6/19/08 12:30pm