Kanye Covers Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at Glastonbury 

Glastonbury hasn’t been easy for Yeezy. After the long-running festival announced that he would headline, a online petition calling for his replacement attracted over a 100,000 signatures. Then, last night, he was out-Kanyed by a British comedian who interrupted his performance of “Black Skinhead.” But Kanye soldiered… » 6/28/15 12:45pm 6/28/15 12:45pm

This Week in Tabloids: Kate & Queen Locked in Flaming Hell-War of Egos

Welcome to Midweek Madness, in which a Slinky filled with loose Dayquil capsules falls down a fire escape in Soho and lands in a pile of discarded fake eyelashes outside an embarrassingly aggressive club. I'm your host, the one you thought you got rid of. This week, we'll learn all about how Leo dissed Rihanna, Kim… » 2/25/15 4:10pm 2/25/15 4:10pm

Prince Makes Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu Even Cooler, If That Was Possible

When Janelle Monáe and Eryklah Badu teamed up for their video for the song "Q.U.E.E.N.", our own Madeleine Davies called it "possibly the most fun and stylish music video of all time." The pair have managed to up their cool factor 5000 percent by getting Prince himself to remix the song, which is basically like… » 6/26/13 5:45pm 6/26/13 5:45pm

Archaeologists Disturb Tomb of Badass Mayan Warrior Queen, Prove That Science Has Learned Nothing from Hollywood

Archaeologists chipping away at the amalgam of dust and detritus that cleaves us modern folk from our diminutive, stone-cutting ancestors believe they have uncovered the tomb of the apparently badass seventh-century Mayan warrior queen Lady K'abel, who didn't just rule with greater authority than her husband for at… » 10/03/12 11:30pm 10/03/12 11:30pm

The Queen Royally Shames a Subject for Being Insufficiently Jubilant

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, right, talks to her son Prince Andrew, center, as she looks out from the balcony at the end of the Epsom Derby horse race, which began a four-day Diamond Jubilee celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne, Saturday, June 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Sang Tan) » 6/03/12 12:30pm 6/03/12 12:30pm

Royal Murder Mystery Victim Identified

It's time to put away your magnifying glass and stop stroking your imaginary beard because police have identified the woman whose body was found on the Queen's Sandringham Estate. Alisa Dmitrijeva has been missing since August and her body has been at the site for between one and four months. Police still don't know… » 1/09/12 9:30am 1/09/12 9:30am

Queen Faces Pay Cut, Starts Hoarding Corgis

Thanks to British austerity measures, the Queen is facing a pay freeze through 2015 that would bring her income to about $48 million per year, down from a high of $125 million in 1991. Though ramen will not be appearing in the kitchen at Buckingham Palace, the cut backs will still have an effect on the royal family.… » 12/05/11 9:30am 12/05/11 9:30am