Next Level Shit: Woman Pretends She's Pregnant With Quintuplets

A woman in Canada who was pregnant with quintuplets shocked both hospital staff and her boyfriend when it turns out she wasn't pregnant at all. With any-lets. I've heard of faked cancer, faked weddings, faked girlfriends who live in Canada who were met "at summer camp," but this. This is powered up fakery. »3/25/14 9:30pm3/25/14 9:30pm


Meet Pauline Marois, Quebec's Controversial First Woman Premier

Last night, Quebec separatist leader Pauline Marois led the Parti Quebecois to narrow victory and became the first female premier of the French-speaking Canadian province. Marois is also the first separatist to rule the province in more than a decade, but not all of her Parti Quebecois (PQ) members are so sure she's… »9/05/12 12:10pm9/05/12 12:10pm

Amateur Hypnotist Gets a Bunch of Girls Stuck in a Trance, Has to Call in an Expert for Help

It seems like the most valuable skill a hypnotist could have—besides being able to hypnotize people, I suppose—is the ability to bring someone back out of a trance, but apparently that was one thing that a young Canadian hypnotist didn't quite have a handle on. Maxime Nadeau, 20, put a group of 12- and 13-year-old… »6/19/12 11:55pm6/19/12 11:55pm