These Shopping-Oriented Pyramid Schemes Lure in Ladies, Then Steal Their Friends, Cash, and Confidence

Mary Kay isn't the only pyramid scheme out there that targets stay-at-home wives and mothers looking for quick cash, an emotional support system, and — perhaps most of all — empowerment. Within the past few years, dozens of successors commonly known as multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes have convinced women to sell… »9/11/12 5:15pm9/11/12 5:15pm

Mary Kay Ladies Are Really Just Pawns in a Pyramid Scheme

Is Mary Kay Inc. a glorified sorority godsend for American housewives or a manipulative pyramid scheme? Harper's reporter Virginia Sole-Smith went undercover shilling tacky cosmetics to find out. (Spoiler: the latter, although the company's "girlfriend"-heavy tactics aren't too different from Rush Week, if sororities… »7/19/12 1:10pm7/19/12 1:10pm