Dirty Mudbloods Allowed to Mingle with Purebred Dogs at Westminster

The Westminster Dog Show, a 138-year-old institution dedicated to preserving the once functional deformities produced by humanity's ancient breeding experiments with gray wolves, broke tradition last night and let, for the first time in a century, mixed breed dogs compete next to their purebred counterparts. The… »2/09/14 12:30pm2/09/14 12:30pm


Westminster Dog Show Officials Think Sad, Mongrel Dogs Are a Total Bummer

You're looking at the Westminster Kennel Club ideal — a purebred canine pampered enough to have developed a well-honed sense of class superiority based on its own hopelessly inbred genealogy. At least, that's the metric by which Westminster officials measure canine greatness and if you plan on tuning into tomorrow's… »2/12/12 12:00pm2/12/12 12:00pm