Your Morning Cry: Puppy Mill Dog Walks on Grass for First Time

Meet Lizzy. Lizzy was a breeder dog at a puppy mill for 12 years. She was confined to a tiny cage all that time; forced to breed litter after litter of puppies who were taken from her and shipped out to pet stores around the United States. Lizzy was never allowed to play, or even move around much. » 4/15/13 10:20am 4/15/13 10:20am

Rick Santorum Courts 5-Year-Old Girl Vote With Staunchly Pro Horse, Pro…

Scandal from the Santorum camp: the bevested holy roller with less self awareness than a dog licking its balls during a dinner party has downplayed his past — and that past could destroy his reputation as someone with almost completely repugnant views. It seems that throughout his political career, while comparing gay… » 3/23/12 5:15pm 3/23/12 5:15pm

Oprah Investigates The Bad, Disgusting Business Of Puppy Mills

Warning: Much of the clip at left is difficult to watch. It features an undercover investigation of the way dogs are reared and abused in puppy mills, which are legal businesses that mistreat dogs, using them to churn out as many litters as possible in order to supply those cute, fluffy puppies you see in pet store… » 4/04/08 7:00pm 4/04/08 7:00pm