All-Puppy Conan Features Puppy Justin Bieber And Puppy Pharrell

Last night, in honor of this Sunday's Big Game (Puppy Bowl, duh), Conan introduced his audience to this year's cast of Puppy Conan, an all-puppy version of his late night show. Puppy Conan's guests included Puppy Pharrell, Puppy Justin Bieber and crew (complete with puppy-sized luxury rental car), and Puppy Toronto… »1/31/14 2:20pm1/31/14 2:20pm

The Most Shocking Scandals of the 2013 Puppy Bowl

Congratulations, sports fans! It's the greatest day of the year and not because of some lame-ass human football game. No, it's the greatest day of the year because it's the 9th Annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! Grab some brews, order some wings and get ready to watch a bunch of adorable puppies wrestle around while… »2/03/13 10:15am2/03/13 10:15am

The Bissell Kitty Halftime Show Was an Acid Trip of Kitty

If you haven't been following Meep the Bird's tweets, you might not know what's been going on in Puppy Bowl VIII. The short answer is a lot of stuff, way too much for me to recap here. I heard the good-natured announcer call out "Aberdeen" a lot so I'm going to guess that Aberdeen had a big day. If you tuned in late… »2/05/12 5:30pm2/05/12 5:30pm