Golden Retriever Puppies Love Fall, Destroy Pumpkins to Prove It

These puppies experiencing fall for the first time absolutely love it. They're not dreading going back to school or worrying about the annual department audit coming up in November that your boss is freaking out about. No, these puppies are just like "HEY LOOK IT'S A THING AND THERE'S ANOTHER THING YAY!" We should all… » 10/19/14 8:30pm 10/19/14 8:30pm

Here Are Some Adorable Puppies Hiccuping Just For You

I don't know what it is about the combination of puppies and hiccups that's so magical, but this compilation of dogs just working their way through some strange new sensation (you never get used to it, puppies) in their throat is the only thing that will protect you from any sort of forthcoming apocalypse. (You'll… » 7/02/14 9:30pm 7/02/14 9:30pm