Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Danica Patrick: 'What Do You Expect From a…

Rush Limbaugh seems to have a bottomless well from which he can draw offensive blather, and today he reached down there and pulled out a pretty solid gem of pure shit. He was discussing a recent interview Danica Patrick did in which she gave her views on Obama's mandate that health care plans cover contraception. Why… » 2/27/12 11:15pm 2/27/12 11:15pm

Meet Lily, Sesame Street's New 'Food Insecure' Muppet

This Sunday, Sesame Street will introduce a new muppet during the premiere of their new special called "Growing Hope Against Hunger." Lily, a 7-year-old "food insecure" Muppet, is a realistic-yet-empathetic character that the show hopes will help personify the voice of the the 17 million Americans who often times… » 10/04/11 7:15pm 10/04/11 7:15pm