Parents Upset by Kinda Hilarious Bloody Dead Doll Halloween Display

Terror is ROCKING BROOKLYN after locals discovered that a pumpkin-headed surgeon has set up shop on the street in order to perform some sort of medical procedure (life-saving, maybe!!! Don't assume!) on a bloodied baby doll surrounded by tacos. An IV drips ghoulish medication into the baby's plastic arm, while tiny… » 10/23/13 5:10pm 10/23/13 5:10pm

Northeast Faces Devastating Pumpkin Shortage

It seems Hurricane Irene isn't done tormenting us. The storm destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches in the Northeast and this fall the region is expected to experience a shortage that will drive up the price of pumpkins. So far states haven't announced plans for jack-o'-lantern rationing, but you should prepare for the… » 9/20/11 9:50am 9/20/11 9:50am