Sex. Sleaze. Trespass. The 50's Lesbian Pulp Revival

"In love with a woman - must society reject me?" That's the real thing, the tagline from one of Ann Bannon's famous "Beebo Brinker" titles, a series that followed young lesbians in the big city, all featuring the dashing Beebo: » 4/19/10 1:20pm 4/19/10 1:20pm

Pulp Fiction Doesn't Need A Laugh Track

There was never really any danger of hit 90s film Pulp Fiction being adapted into a cheesy sitcom, but the clip at left should ensure that network executives won't get any ideas. [Buzzfeed] » 10/23/09 11:20am 10/23/09 11:20am

Case Closed

Meet Bertha Cool, lady-sleuth with attitude. "Bertha begins as a straight-talking, sardonic ball-buster. The widowed proprietor of the B. Cool agency, she is a woman of cosmic heft who sends weaker men fleeing before her-literally." [XX] » 8/19/09 6:20pm 8/19/09 6:20pm

Vintage Commercials Show Smoking As A Feminist Act

The 1969 Virginia Slims commercials, embedded after the jump, focus on how women have "won" their rights, at last. This means they can smoke cigarettes "slimmer" than the "fat" cigarettes for men. » 6/29/09 3:20pm 6/29/09 3:20pm

Cosmo Made Up ScarJo's "Romantic" Quotes

Pulp Fiction

We were recently introduced to the concept of " Good Girl Art, » 11/20/08 6:45pm 11/20/08 6:45pm" which refers to the ladies represented on a certain segment of mid-century pulp paperbacks. Writer Richard Lupoff defines GGA as "a cover illustration depicting an attractive young woman, usually in skimpy or form-fitting clothing, and designed for (mild…

Nicole & Christina Are Mommies; Britney's On Wedding Watch

Lindsay Lohan Wears Other People's Pants