The Pull-Up Test for Female Marines Has Been Delayed Again

In November, the Marines announced that they'd pushed back a new requirement for women in the Marines to complete the same physical fitness test as men by January 2014. That standard has been pushed back yet again because more than half of female Marines cannot complete the three pull-ups demanded of men and women. »1/03/14 10:50am1/03/14 10:50am


Child's First Flush Celebrated with Giant Toilet Cake, Grown Men Dressed as Toilets and 10,000 Confetti Toilets

"The moment this kid flushes, it's gonna be unbelievable," says the man Pull-Ups hired to act as a director to what they're calling "the biggest surprise potty party in history". I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's the only surprise potty party in history, but that quibble is for another day. »1/21/13 10:00am1/21/13 10:00am

Women Can't Do Pull-Ups and the Presidential Physical Fitness Test Is a Lie

Remember the Presidential Physical Fitness Test? That fresh hell where you had to run the dreaded mile, throw out your back in sit-and-reach, and worst of all: PULL-UPS. Ugh, the pull-ups. I remember standing next to my best friend in seventh grade and looking up at that thing like it was the Empire State Building; I… »10/25/12 9:30am10/25/12 9:30am