Fat Substance Abuser Rush Limbaugh Calls Lesbians Fat Substance Abusers

Third Rate Sad Wang Rush Limbaugh took it to the next bullshit level when he spoke some truly insane nonsense about lesbians and alcohol and fatness and yeah. Actually, it sounds like he's explaining a personal fantasy of his, but nope — it's just some good old-fashioned hate-mongering from King Bigot. » 3/27/13 10:00am 3/27/13 10:00am

Someone Finally Vomits Live on The View

This morning while Nathan Lane was appearing on The View, a member of the live studio audience started doing what many of us often want to do when we watch at home: She vomited. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with Lane, who was in the middle of talking when he noticed what was happening and stopped to ask the woman… » 3/06/12 9:45pm 3/06/12 9:45pm

Anna Nicole Smith Knew How To Party On Halloween

I literally have not missed a dead celebrity like I miss Anna Nicole Smith. Thankfully, she did a few seasons of reality TV so that we can have more to remember her by than just Playboy » 10/31/08 3:00pm 10/31/08 3:00pm spreads, stories, and the occasional . The clip above is a deleted scene from the Halloween episode of . Anna, her hanger-on Howard…

Crowned: The Women Get Ugly, Stupid, And Puke-y

Last night on Crowned, we came dangerously close to losing the Sincere Sexy Reds. Could you imagine how suckass next week's big, studio audience finale would have been without them? Anyway, last night they did not disappoint: Laura got bitchy and essentially called the other girls ugly, then cried later on when she… » 1/24/08 7:00pm 1/24/08 7:00pm