Iowa Sorority Girl Gets Slizzard, Pees On Floor of Yogurt Shop, Inspires a Nation

Jestine Rands didn’t think she’d become a hero to thousands when she got drunk on Saturday night, but the hard-partying sorority leader, already tore up by 7pm, had her whole life changed when she did something many of us only angrily fantasize about. That’s right, she let loose a stream of golden piss onto the floor… »9/17/15 1:05pm9/17/15 1:05pm


Feel Like Peeing in Public? Fine, These Walls Will Pee Back

Public urination is a huge problem in the St. Pauli neighborhood of Hamburg, where visitors to the red light district feel that any building that catches their fancy can become a toilet if they just try hard enough. And with cleaning costs mounting, a local group has decided to fight urine with urine in order to teach… »3/06/15 6:30pm3/06/15 6:30pm