How to Ignore a Man Who Is Trying to Pick You Up on the Subway

A 48-year-old New York City Man by the name of Brian Robinson has penned an instructional manual called How to Meet Women on the Subway. In a recent interview, he claims that during his time in the big horny apple, he's guilt tripped and bullied persuaded 500 women he met on a subway platform into going on dates with… »10/14/14 11:50am10/14/14 11:50am

Man Caught Taking Upskirt Videos Looks Exactly How You'd Expect

A 33-year-old Long Island man was arrested in the human anthill known as the Union Square subway station yesterday after cops caught him filming video up a woman's skirt without her knowledge or permission. In the photo local NYC news ran of the man, he is wearing a shirt that reads "I (HEART) ASIAN GIRLS," holding a… »4/30/14 11:40am4/30/14 11:40am

Meet the Orthodox Woman Behind 'Move the Fuck Over, Bro' Blog

Over at The Jewish Daily Forward, Save the Assistants author Lilit Marcus has the first ever interview with Tzipporah, the blogger who started "Move The Fuck Over, Bro," a blog that posts surreptitiously taken photographs of men who seem to deliberately or obliviously take up too much room on public transportation. »1/15/14 9:40am1/15/14 9:40am

Singapore Anti-Groping PSA Features Terrible Puns, Victim-Blaming ‘Tips’

Singapore, which might be one of the worst places in the world if you're looking to break the law, has apparently rolled out an anti-public-groping campaign, which would be very helpful and nice if its street-side ads didn't features incredibly creepy pictures supplemented with a litany of instructions about what… »1/13/13 4:00pm1/13/13 4:00pm

Miss Subway Exhibit Will Grace Brooklyn’s Transit Museum Next Month

Brooklyn-based photographer Fiona Gardner and journalist Amy Zimmer have tracked down — through dark subway tunnels, steam-washed alleyways, and maybe even with the old, "I'm your long-lost daughter" bait-and-switch — 50 former Miss Subways for a new Transit Museum exhibit, something the New York Post describes as a… »9/24/12 9:15pm9/24/12 9:15pm

Israeli Women Enraging Some Men By Refusing To Move To Back of the Bus

Controversy has erupted in Israel over several women refusing to move to the back of the bus for men. Proponents of public transportation gender segregation say that they're only looking out for the ladies' modesty, but opponents say forcing women to move for men puts Israeli society on a slippery slope that could… »1/05/12 3:40pm1/05/12 3:40pm

Horrible Racist Woman To Spend Christmas Yelling Epithets From Jail Cell

A 34-year-old English woman will be spending Christmas in jail after her request for bail was denied. She was originally thrown in the clink after she let out a racist (and apparently drunken) rant during a train ride, yelling about how immigrants should just go back to their own countries — naturally, the episode… »12/07/11 12:20pm12/07/11 12:20pm

Crying Baby and Mother Kicked Off Bus For Being Distracting

Being trapped in a bus, plane, or car with a screaming infant is unpleasant for all involved. The non-relatives of the infant are annoyed, the infant's caretakers are often embarrassed, and the infant herself is usually the state of utter discomfort and frustration that can only come from not being able to effectively… »10/05/11 4:15pm10/05/11 4:15pm

When It Comes To Helping Pregnant Women, White Men Finish Dead Last

Glamour magazine editor/blogger Erin Zammett Ruddy is hot, sweaty, possibly hormonal, and definitely pissed. Seems that on the NYC subway this morning, not one got off his or her fat ass to give her fat ass (we kid! we kid!) a seat (she's 7 1/2-months pregnant). »6/20/07 3:23pm6/20/07 3:23pm

Lame? Yes. But not entirely unexpected! We remember a…