The Funny Thing About The First Amendment Is...

...if you host a poll on Facebook asking "Should Obama be killed?" not only will the freedom of speech guidelines NOT protect you, but it is sure to bring the Secret Service to your door. [Washington Post] » 9/29/09 10:20am 9/29/09 10:20am

Yes, It Hurts When Women Accidentally Get Hit "Down There"

I once saw a male friend fall to ground after getting nailed in the crotch by a basketball. As he writhed on the ground in the fetal position, he hissed, "You can't possibly understand how much this hurts." Oh, really? » 9/27/09 5:00pm 9/27/09 5:00pm

Why Do Domestic Violence PSAs Have To Be So Violent?

Today on Good Morning America we learned that some people don't like Keira Knightley's anti-domestic violence ad because it was too ugly and violent - not unlike domestic abuse! » 4/03/09 12:00pm 4/03/09 12:00pm

Ladies' Night

For the D.C. Jezebels that need a break from the Washington holiday party circuit and all those people asking "What do you do?", put down that gingerbread cookie from Bread and Chocolate, strap on those dancing shoes and join the group tomorrow night upstairs at DC9 (1940 9th Street, NW) for KIDS' "back-to-basics hip… » 12/05/08 2:40pm 12/05/08 2:40pm

Ladies Night

Get your drinking shoes on tonight if you live in Chicago or D.C., it's time for more meet-ups: The Chicago contingent will be assembling at Delilah's » 9/23/08 3:30pm 9/23/08 3:30pm (2771 N. Lincoln Ave.) at 7:00 for their Oktoberfest, Harvest and Pumpkin Beer tasting. Meanwhile, the D.C. crew will be meeting at Solly's U Street Tavern (1942 11th…

Ladies Night, With A Twist Of Dudely Lime

It's another weekend twofer! Jezebel NYC is hosting a meet-up tonight, September 12th, from 6-9 at Borough » 9/12/08 4:25pm 9/12/08 4:25pm (12 E 22nd St) for everyone to meet, greet, eat and then drink too much. The Philadelphia Jezebels — apparently the most cultured among us — are then meeting up on Saturday, September 13th, at 8 pm at the New…

Ladies' Night

Attention D.C.-based Jezebels! Megan will be hosting a commenter meet-up tonight at the Wonderland Ballroom (1101 Kenyon St, NW by the Columbia Heights Metro Station) at 6:30 until drunkenness. Come join D.C.'s unofficial curators of the Den of Iniquity, Vagina Salon for drinks and beaver-related hilarity. If you want… » 7/08/08 1:45pm 7/08/08 1:45pm

Ladies' Night

Attention New York City Jezebels! There is a meet-up tonight in Brooklyn; go meet, mingle, and get your party on. It is taking place at 10 p.m. at a bar called Ceol at 191 Smith street in the Boreum Hill/Cobble Hill area. Have fun! » 6/27/08 5:30pm 6/27/08 5:30pm